Vegetable Broth – First Attempt!

We use vegetable broth in everything.  Some recipes call for six cups of it.  And it’s not really that cheap, plus it’s hard to find it without oil.  So…I saw that you could make it with all your scraps!  We eat so many veggies, and there is always something being thrown away.  So, I started saving them in a gallon ziplock in the freezer.  Here is what was in my first batch:

Carrot tops, tips, and peelings
Celery tops, bottoms, and leaves
White onion tops and bottoms, including skin
Green onion tops and bottoms

What I did forget to do was wash them before I threw them in…and as you can see here in the finished product, there is DIRT in my broth.  Darn!!!


I let it all settle, and skimmed the top off though, so it wasn’t a total loss.  And dirt has b12, right? 😉


So, the process is easy peasy.  I pulled out my bag of scraps, dumped them in the *crockpot  (see UPDATE below if you have an instant pot) with water, added some sprigs of fresh parsley I had on hand, some sea salt, and two bay leaves, and let it bubble away on high all day.  LOW MAINTENANCE is my idea of a good time!


And that is literally it!  Scoop out the scraps, throw them into the garden (I walked out the back door and threw them into my garden that doesn’t grow anything.  Maybe this will help?)

THEN…I got an instant pot.  This thing is incredible!  Now I just throw my scraps in the pot, fill it with water to the max line, and set it for 30 minutes.  Then I let it slow release for as long as I want, and then measure it out, and freeze.


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