Way Better Gnocchi

My husband is a miracle worker.  He can walk into a kitchen with almost no food, and ten minutes later, plop a gourmet meal on the table.  Today, that meal was a new take on Potato Gnocchi and it was AMAZING!  Not only that, it doesn’t have any packaged meatless items (saving money, and unnecessary processed food).

So, I share with you, Cameron’s Better Gnocchi:

1/4 of an onion – diced
2 Tbsp minced garlic
6 oz. Edamame (ours was frozen)
5 “grabs” of spinach (you know, where you reach in the container and grab a handful)
2 tsp salt
12.5 oz. sugar-free marinara sauce
1 bag gnocchi cooked according to instructions
Fresh basil

Saute the first five ingredients until soft, add in the marinara, strain the gnocchi and mix it with the sauce.  Stir in fresh basil leaves and serve!

And we know it’s a success when the five year old who hates food says, “Mom, you see these bumps on my tongue? Those mean that I like this food! Um…is that what it means?”



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