It is NOT Soup Season

This recipe has been on my desk since last “soup-season”, and I’m just now getting around to posting it.  Happy 108 degrees today!  Enjoy this some other time…for now, eat some ice cream!

Creamy Vegan Wild Rice Soup
from Life is NOYOKE

–  1 c. wild rice
–  8 c. vegetable broth
–  2 bay leaves
–  1 Tbsp thyme
–  2 tsp salt
–  4 stalks chopped celery
–  1 c. chopped carrots
–  1/2 onion chopped
–  4-6 cloves garlic
–  8 oz. chopped mushrooms
–  1 c. soaked cashews
–  15 oz. can cannellini (white kidney) beans

1.  Soak cashews overnight
2.  If not an option, soak in boiling water for as long as you can
3.  Heat broth (reserve one cup on side)
4.  Add rice, thyme, bay leaves, and salt to the broth.
5.  Put a lid on, and simmer for 45 min.
6.  Chop veggies (except mushrooms) and put in pot with rice for another 30 min.
7.  Drain cashews and beans, cream in Ninja/Vitamix with 1 c. broth for 15 min
8.  Put creamy mixture into pot when timer says 15 min.
9.  Add the mushrooms.  Replace lit.
10. When rice is done, remove bay leaves and ENJOY!


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